Christmas Gift Vouchers

Photography shoots are a lovely gift for those who already have everything - except up to date photos! By popular demand, we have added some really lovely collections so that gifts can be a complete package with the shoot, prints and digital all included.

Here are details of all the collections. To order your gift voucher go to our Gift Voucher page and order online. There are also some Cherubs gift vouchers for anyone already on our Cherubs Baby Club - perfect for those who know they are going to love more images from there upcoming shoots.

We only have THREE vouchers for each option and they must be ordered before December 21st for us to get them ready in time.

Generation Shoots

One of the most interest (and hardest to organise) shoots we often do is the extended family shoot. It happens so rarely in large families that every single person is in the same place at the same time so why not celebrate that moment with a gorgeous photograph!

Our extended family sessions are £125 and get you around 2.5 hours of shooting time. This allows you to do a few locations if you like and plenty of time for all the different denominations of families to get there own photos. One of our popular products for extended family shoots is the 7 image montage - a great way to show everyone together and also all the smaller groups around the edge. At Artis, every image you buy you receive the same copy as a digital so if Mum and Dad get a great montage, everyone else can enjoy the same digital images for themselves.

It often takes months to find a date everyone can do but when it all comes together its so worth it! If you get together near Christmas anyway you could turn half the day into a photo shoot - its always good fun (even the teenagers admit it by the end) and produces some fantastic photos that the whole family can share.

Multiple Award winning photographer at this years South Central MPA Awards

We are so proud to announce Hannah's amazing win at this years South Central Master Photographer Awards. She picked up an incredible FIVE awards, which then led to her being awarded overall Photographer of the Year 2018!

It's always a lot of work on the build up to awards to try to bring something different and it was brilliant to have some interesting shots to submit. One family took us over to a very special lavender field with a red phone box in it which made a cracking shot. Then an ACS student bringing in a really beautiful chess set for his senior yearbook shoot really impressed Hannah and sparked her creativity. And finally, a chat with a lady during her dog shoot led to her mentioning that she owes reptiles, so Hannah invited her back for a special snake, chameleon, gheko shoot was was amazing.

You never know which pictures can lead to awards, but they are always something a bit different, so give us a call to book in a shoot for yourself and maybe your picture can be our next award winner!


“It’s pretty overwhelming....I can’t quite believe it myself! It’s definitely a team effort and I couldn’t have done it without Kat’s help choosing the right images, and Sarah’s amazing retouching.”
— Hannah Gamble : MPA South Central Photographer of the Year

Cherubs Photographer of the Year Competition

coty logo.jpg

We are very excited to announce that we will be a part of the National Cherubs of the Year Competition which kicked off this May. Hannah amazing technique for getting happy babies has regularly got highly commended pictures in monthly competitions in the past so we like our chances!

All you have to do is come and have your baby photographed. We then pick the best image to enter into awards, and if you win the monthly competition you will win £100 baby gift voucher! It then goes forward to the year awards, and winning that will get you a £5000 cash prize!

So if you have a baby under 4 months old and want to be in with a chance, give us a call on 01344 870033 to book your first session or fill out our 'Book Your First Shoot' form. If you have a baby currently on our cherubs scheme and you have viewed your photos in May 2018 or later we may still be able to submit an entry for you - just email to find out.

This brilliant little boy called Oscar is our first entry. How cute is he?

180315Burgess C1-09.jpg






Photos every year for life...

Sometimes those families come along that you hope are going to be in your lives for a long time, and from very early on Jen and family were one of those! We have had the pleasure of watching her children grown since they were tiny and hopefully it will never end. They have done some beautiful things with their photos - I especially love the albums that I'm sure the boys really enjoy looking at and will one day show their children. Whats great about albums is that you can show all those moments between the moments - were they are goofing around, playing up or just need a little hug!  Here is some photos from our years together...both those classic great shots and the moments in-between.

Every Dog Deserves a Portrait

Personal projects are very important for keeping Hannah creative and inspired, and this year we have decided to put her skills with pets to the test by creating a panel of images of injured or disabled dogs - all in the studio, in black and white.

We had our first dog Eden in last week. Eden was found living feral after being dumped to fend for herself. She was due to be put to sleep but luckily Tracey, her owner, volunteered to rescue her. She now has Degenerative Myelopathy which is a wasting disease affecting the hind limbs, hence her using the chair to get around (which she is very fast in, as we found out at the shoot!)

If you have, or know anyone, with any injured or disabled dogs that would be interested in joining our project we are offering a free hour shoot (worth £75) and also £200 voucher to spend on photos from the shoot. Do get in touch via with your dogs story and some photos. We can't guarantee to be able to use everyone as we have limited spaces available for these shoots, but we would love to hear from you.

Crossfit Photography

TBT Saturday 23rd December 2017 and the last job of the year for us was not our usual work, but awesome nonetheless!  Form Over Fame is a Crossfit clothing brand that wanted some lifestyle shots to show how the garments fit to the body when in motion.  I love their ethos of focusing on technique - check them out here.

Crossfit is a huge passion of mine and I love to photograph the movements involved and the athletes I aspire to be like one day.  Here are a few of our favourite shots from the day.

Behind the scenes - the whole process

One of our favourite customers who we have been photographing for the last 10 years or so returned this year to update their family photos. Its always lovely to see them and we used the opportunity to do a little video all about having a portrait session and the natural, timeless images you end up with.

New Rustic, Industrial Look Studio - Phase 1

We've been working hard behind the scenes in the last few months to revamp our studio and start having furniture we LOVE, rather than years of mismatched pieces around the place. So after the help of a fab interior designer, we have starting putting together some bits, and here they are!

Hannah's personal favourite piece is the glittery light in the viewing area (she found that one). My favourite are these awesome bar stools where I can't wait to sit and chat to people.

Phase 2 - New pictures on the walls, new signage outside and much more!