Generation Shoots

One of the most interest (and hardest to organise) shoots we often do is the extended family shoot. It happens so rarely in large families that every single person is in the same place at the same time so why not celebrate that moment with a gorgeous photograph!

Our extended family sessions are £125 and get you around 2.5 hours of shooting time. This allows you to do a few locations if you like and plenty of time for all the different denominations of families to get there own photos. One of our popular products for extended family shoots is the 7 image montage - a great way to show everyone together and also all the smaller groups around the edge. At Artis, every image you buy you receive the same copy as a digital so if Mum and Dad get a great montage, everyone else can enjoy the same digital images for themselves.

It often takes months to find a date everyone can do but when it all comes together its so worth it! If you get together near Christmas anyway you could turn half the day into a photo shoot - its always good fun (even the teenagers admit it by the end) and produces some fantastic photos that the whole family can share.