New Rustic, Industrial Look Studio - Phase 1

We've been working hard behind the scenes in the last few months to revamp our studio and start having furniture we LOVE, rather than years of mismatched pieces around the place. So after the help of a fab interior designer, we have starting putting together some bits, and here they are!

Hannah's personal favourite piece is the glittery light in the viewing area (she found that one). My favourite are these awesome bar stools where I can't wait to sit and chat to people.

Phase 2 - New pictures on the walls, new signage outside and much more!



Hannah's Associateship Panel

Hannah recently gained her Associateship with a panel called "Guys and Dogs". This is a very prestigious qualification given through the Master Photographers Association, only handed out to a handful of members each year. It is given to photographers who "denote a high level of craftsmanship and individual creativity" - Master Photographers Association. We are incredibly proud of this achievement and it was amazing to see her receive her certificate onstage at the latest Master Photographer Awards.

Here is her full panel in all its glory!

Extended Families

It's always such a lovely experience to bring extended family together. Whether you see each other every month or once a year, why not use a photo shoot as a good excuse for a get together. A nice big picture on the wall always makes a fantastic gift to grandparents (who often already have everything they need). Here are a few we have done recently, both in the studio and out on location.



Senior Yearbook Portraits

We have just wrapped up another batch of ‘Senior’ portraits for a local School’s year book photos.  Each year students come to us for a year book photograph with a difference, something that captures their personality and a photo they are proud to share with their friends and family.  I am truly honoured to be able to photograph these young adults and to provide their families with beautiful portraiture of their children (who let’s face it are no longer children),  before they graduate into adulthood and go off on their own adventure!

Each shoot fills me with excitement as every student brings their own personality and flair to the session and although may find the initial prospect daunting, by the end of the shoot exudes confidence and their true character shines through.  I love photographing each individual, getting to know them, getting to try out new ideas and styles and generally  have the best time with them!  I hear they have a pretty good time too!!  Here’s some of our favourites…

Dog Photography

Some of Hannah's favourite work to produce is gorgeous portraits of dogs in her studio. It's always a fun chaotic shoot and all the tricks have to come out to keep the dogs in the right spot. Hannah makes some funny noises to get their attention and those head tilt photos! Here are some of our favourites. Give us a call or send us a message to get a wonderful photograph of your dog.

Autumn Portrait Shoots

Now I’ll admit that when the cold starts to come it can be some tough months, with the lack of sunshine and cold weather (she says with a warm heater blowing on her).  BUT, winter can produce some absolutely amazing days for photo shoots!  With the sun setting earlier sunrise/sunset shots can be captured easily and the soft light makes it perfect for portrait photography.  If the thought of going outside puts you off, don’t worry as home shoots work perfectly too and offer the easy option of flitting inside and outside.

Check out some of the shoots we have done over the last few months. We’ve had great fun getting out there with our customers, wrapping up warm and enjoying those crisper days!  Call us today on 01344 870033 to discuss  your next family photo shoot.


We are very proud to have SEVEN of our images in the finals for the International Master Photographers Association Awards. It is always very hard to pick these images, and as we are so busy we always seem to submit them at 11.50pm on the last day! It was definitely worth getting them in though.

Here they are. Wish us luck!

Spring Portrait Shoots

At Artis Studios we are all about capturing stories and we strive to impress you so much, that you’ll return time and time again to add new chapters to those stories.  We have been photographing the D’Souza family since 2010 and every time they return we’ve created great images together.

The latest shoot took place around the Virginia Water area and although it was a slightly chilly morning, the spring flowers looked amazing.  The blossom trees were losing their petals which made for great shots with the kids, not to mention great fun for them running through them. The whole family, as always, were wonderful to work with and were happy to go with the flow.  The kids were enthusiastic, brilliant at following instructions and a lot of fun.

Spring is an amazing time of year to do a photoshoot on location.  The days are longer, the weather is warmer and the beautiful scenery just adds to the general positivity in the air.  We keep our photo shoots relaxed so there is plenty of time to wander to different spots, take breaks and time to get to know each other.  This is how we get our natural images, the big smiles and that’s why people return time and time again.

Master Photographers All Round

A big congratulations to all photographers in their Awards of Excellence and Merits at this years Master Photographer award ceremony. Kat, Hannah and Dominique all received recognition for their work and with such tough international competition it was a great honour to get not one mention but many! It’s always hard trying to organise entering the awards as the deadline always falls at one of our busiest times of the year. Needless to say it was worth it!

Here are all the images that we received merits and awards of excellence for: